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Trichology explained
Trichology is the paramedical science that studies the structure, function and diseases of the human hair and scalp.

It was born in London in 1902 and as well as treating hair and scalp related disorders, searches for the cause(s) behind the hair loss. A trichologist will focus on the process of naturally regrowing hair by analyzing the scalp and gaining a thorough client history

Trichology Designed to Deliver Results

The modern world has created the perfect environment for hair loss. With
the increase of pharmaceutical usage, hormone replacement therapy,
stress, poor diet, mineral deficiencies, and sedentary lifestyles, we are
seeing more and more people dealing with this condition.

Stopping hair loss is not as easy and as simply applying a different product
to your hair for a short period of time. It requires understanding and
blocking the reasons that caused hair loss in the first place.

Most products or treatments on the market focus solely on one specific type of hair loss. But… our unprecedented research and experience has taught us that
multiple reasons for hair loss can manifest themselves at the same time.
Thus to reverse hair loss and be successful at natural hair growth, you must use a complete multi-therapeutic trichological system that blocks all reasons for loss.

Developed over a 16 year period, our methodology has produced
the most impressive results of any non-surgical hair loss treatment program. Within the Evolution Hair Loss Institute after working with thousands of clients, William Gaunitz WTS was able to refine a totally unique hair growth philosophy to create a system that is simple and easy to understand. This process is known as the Gaunitz Trichology Method (GTM).

GTM approved products are used in clinics all around the world to successfully treat multiple types of
Alopecias. When used correctly, this multi-therapeutic system allows both men and women to typically regrow hair that has been lost in the
previous 3 to 5 years in as little as 60 days.

William Gaunitz team
Meet Our Leadership Team

William Gaunitz WTS, is a Certified Trichologist

He has trained in
London, France and Australia, as well as being the founder of the
Evolution Hair loss Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

He has been a pioneer of Laser Light Therapy for hair loss which he
uses in conjunction with other treatments, and is the mastermind behind
the most comprehensive multi-therapeutic complete system for hair
growth available today.

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Gaunitz Trichology Method in Action
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Trichology was founded
Trichology as a science was founded by The Institute of Trichologists in London, UK


International Association of Trichologists was founded
International Association of Trichology was founded by Trichologist David Salinger as California Non-Profit Corporation


National Trichology Training Institute was founded
National Trichology Training Institute was founded by Trichologist Conny Judge in Atlanta, Georgia USA


World Trichology Society was founded
World Trichology Society was founded by Dr. David Kingsley in New York, New York USA. His focus was more medical than previous societies at that time.